Puntland business is online business directory intended to showcase all the businesses in Puntland small and large. The intention behind this online business directory is to enable people in Puntland and beyond to find any business or service they need without leaving their comfort zone.

The world along with the customers and clients have moved on from fixed location entity and moved into the online space to search, find and interact with any business and service there is. Therefore, if  any business is not on multiple online channels, the prospect of that business been discovered is slim or maybe none.

In Puntland Business, we established this online platform to be a gateway for all businesses in this part of Somalia. We don’t discriminate according to the size of the business or who is small or who is large. We are here to serve all businesses in Puntland, so take advantage of this online directory.

Our motto is: your discovery is our satisfaction which means we want all of services, businesses governmental or private to be discovered and found easily by anyone online anywhere 24/7.

We hope you join us to publish your business on this online directory to reach everyone and improve productivity and revenue stream.